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Great Artwork - D.CRAFT
Denim was born in America. At first, it was developed to satisfy performance of solidity and toughness.
The answer for a question, how the worn, torn, and faded color denim can be beautiful, comes from the strength of denim.
Even though denim is worn too much, it is still usable and it's change give us unique design and new experience.

In line with its strong character, it has been located on the center of the great change of the world.
The rock music was with denim and the Hippie was with denim. And the Hiphop was also with.
Denim has always being leading culture at the very front of fashion. The coolness of the denim is a kind of magic to maintain youth.

But the coolness cannot overcome the environment but only change style. We, 4 friends who fall in love with denim, got together.
We decided to challenge to environment as adding up performance on strength of denim.
Performance denim expands the area of coolness and let us challenge to limitation.
The science allows the performance denim overcome snow, wind, temperature and moisture.
From now, we will start to invade life style area, which no one did before so far, with performance denim.

We adopted Japanese technology to American culture. And we added Korean productivity on special emotion though whole world.
Japanese exquisite fabric manufacturing and processing technology is added on strong American denim and Italian and Jamaican emotion ,
which is the main design source of D.CRAFT, concludes the final product made in Korea.
Beautiful denim stuffs based on this long journey will be located in your house and office, on your desk and table,
at your dining room and living room, and on your hand and in your bag.

Surprisingly this challenge started from a small tiny complaint which is the surface of tumbler with cold water makes stuffs wet in a bag.
We have been seeking the best solution for this problem, in terms of function, design and value as well.
Since 2016, we, 4 friends with all different nationality, have decided to solve the issue. Now, we will show you the first step of the solution. It is the beginning of D.CRAFT.

Since June 2018